Our Initiatives

Our areas of focus to build impact and stimulate change in the West Palm Beach community.

Economic Empowerment

Sister-Nomic$ is a national initiative that provide educational workshops/seminars on economic empowerment to build the financial knowledge and skills of Black women and girls; and help Black-owned small businesses.

Sister-Nomic$ deliberately advocates for ourselves first and then others, embraces financial security and generational wealth, provides information to make better financial decisions, adds economic strength to the Black community and reduces stress which improves our health metrics. Prepare for the future TODAY!

Education & Mentoring

HOPE for Girls is a leadership mentoring program for young ladies in grades 6th- 8th that focus on personal growth and leadership development, cultural enrichment, and social development.

Our plan is to equip and prepare young ladies to live a productive and positive life by offering enriching experiences and opportunities to further recognize their potential for success. Some of the anticipated activities for the year include social etiquette, empowerment, personal development, health/fitness/nutrition, decision making that counts, financial planning, social media and getting involved.

The other initiatives under Education & Mentoring are STEAM Retreat to expose students to careers in the STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) fields and College Scholarship Opportunities.

Public Policy and Advocacy

The Public Policy and Advocacy Committee is tasked with raising awareness, educating the public, and organizing advocacy around public policies that promote equity and access in health, education, and economic empowerment for black women and girls. We provide our members, supporters, and the public with information about current legislative, regulatory, and economic issues that affect these areas. We have many platforms and events that we utilize to accomplish this task including hosting political forums, developing position papers, and voter education. We are most proud of our initiatives that forge strong alliances with other entities that promote leadership development for black women and girls.

Leadership Development

We invite special speakers with expertise in various areas to share resources and strategies related to our mission and objectives. 1) Our Leadership Series sharpens individuals’ strength by giving a principle-centered approach for reaching professional and personal change. Increase your integrity, credibility, and visibility. 2) HERStory is an event that honors and celebrates women in our community during National Women’s History Month. 3) The Celebration of Generations Awards is given to women in the community who have made a significant impact in the lives of women and girls through their community service.


This program is a main agenda item for our chapter. Our goal is to educate women on the issues and disparities that have great impact on African American women. The areas include, but are not limited to: HIV/AIDS, Heart Health, Breast Health, early detection, obesity and general health and fitness.

Community Wide Baby Shower - This FREE annual community event is designed to help 120+ low-income expectant and new parents prepare for the arrival of their new babies by providing much needed items, parenting resources and workshops on childhood obesity, breast feeding, and prenatal care.

Do What’s Best for Your Breast - Our chapter with the assistance of Cynthia Nickerson, a broadcast journalism veteran, and Positive Productions, produced two educational videos. These educational videos, specifically targeted to African Americans, includes personal stories from local survivors, signs to look for, symptoms and risk factors for breast cancer, questions answered by medical professionals and much more.

Friend Your Heart - This Heart Disease Awareness Initiative is in partnership with National Go RED Day. Our chapter’s goal is to reach as many communities in Palm Beach County to bring about awareness, provide information and resources and show individuals how to take care of themselves and combat heart disease.